They Didn’t Believe Me

There are special people who come and go throughout our lives who say the most special things in the most special of ways that we never forget.


Paul Spicer was one of those special people for me.

He was in his 90’s but had the heart of a 9 year old.  Always with that smile.  Had such a way of illuminating a room and leaving people better than how he had found them.  Passed away a few years ago…

I’ll never forget him closing out a worship gathering many years ago by just kind of standing there, entranced in some thought that was burning in his heart; smiling that smile at everyone before his prayer.  And from the bottom of that aged heart so full of wisdom, he hits us with –

A world of 7 billion people. And God cares for me.  …And for you.”


I don’t know.

There was just something about the way he said it.  In the same instant it filled my eyes with tears and it made me smile like a little boy.

This is the thought that returns to mind whenever the anxiety wakes me and looms over me from the very first moment of my day.  It never fails me.  It always makes me smile as I feel the poison draining from my heart.

That He walked into a world of losers and outcasts and lepers and worms and whores and guilty sinners caught in the very act (just like me), who no one else would have given two seconds of their life to and said, “They may not care about you.  They may not love you.  You may not be good enough for them to care about.  They may not want anything to do with you.

“But I’ll forgive you.  I’ll love you. I’ll care about you.   I choose you.

I’ll give you another chance.  

And another.  And another.  And another.

Someone else once said to God, “What is man that You care for Him? That You remember him? That You’re concerned about him?’

The greatest of them all saying to a bunch of people weary from the burdens of anxiety and life, “Do not fear.  Your Father feeds the birds every day.  Your Father cares for the sparrow.  And you are more valuable than many of them.


I’m reminded of God and His love so often in non-religious songs.

These words from Johnny Hartman’s 1955 debut album.  I have the recording above if you wish to play it for the full effect.

A love song from a man to a woman.  But for me, it tells the story of me as a messenger of the greatest love there is; a love so sublime, it’s not even a question of whether or not I’ll tell them of it.

That in this great big world, He cares for me.  And for you.  That in this great big world, He loves me.  Loves you.

What a sadness, how so many will never believe it.

But to those who do, what a solace.  What a happiness.

And when I told them how beautiful you are,
They didn’t believe me.
No, they didn’t believe me…!

And when I tell them,
Yes, and I certainly am going to tell them…

They’ll never believe me…
They’ll never believe me…

That from this great big world you’ve chosen me!

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