In the Silence of the Evening

Was walking with Amanda late tonight, holding hands, marveling at how quickly the years are passing by.  That this is our tenth year together, our ninth of marriage one month from tomorrow.  That it’s been seven years since our adventures in China.  That in 22 years, we’ll be senior citizens.  And how strange the thought felt as it came out of my mouth.

We slowly paced a quiet little corridor as a woman from a Chinese restaurant was dumping water out.  She looked so exhausted.  I heard the cooks standing near the door conversing in Mandarin and for a brief moment in time, we were in Asia again.  It made me miss the feeling of waking up in a foreign country.  And the visual feast of the snow falling with a grand pagoda in the background and how utterly breathtaking it was.


As we neared the car, I found myself sneaking little glimpses at Amanda just as I did when we were dating.  And smiling just as big and feeling just as smitten as I did then as when our eyes met tonight.

As she got in the car, the only thing in the world I wanted to do was drop to my knees and hug her.  I laid my head on her shoulder and we held each other in the silence of the evening.  I could have held her until after midnight.

I have never felt a stronger love for her.  Or a more enormous happiness.


Close to me, sharing your caress.
Can’t you see you’re my happiness?

Wherever you go, my heart will go too.
What can I do?
It only wants to be
Close to you.


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