Stuttering Is An Interesting Thing

WAS having lunch with Dan Mann today, my predecessor at Belleview Church, and we were laughing about the waitress writing “Sign Language” on my receipt after mistaking me for a deaf person when I went mute in the busy line and motioned for a pen to write the order down, as happens to me all the time.


We talked about how cool it is when I come back to these places a week or two later when I’m not as nervous perhaps and they hear my voice or I hand them a CD of a message I preached or I give them my card that says, “David Creek, The Stammering Prophet, Preaching Minister, Belleview Church of Christ.”

They’re absolutely astounded at that discovery.   They can’t believe it!   And God is praised.

We were talking about the areas where I experience perfect fluency – singing of course, as most stutterers enjoy, speaking with a drastically different accent (though people object to it), speaking in unison with others and speaking while a certain type of music is playing.

It gave me the idea to shoot a video doing one of the hardest and most dreaded things for most stutterers to do – introducing myself.

Meeting someone.  Noticing there’s no one around who can introduce you to them.  Knowing you’re going to have to say your name.  Anticipating the awkwardness, the stammering, the twitching, the way they’ll gawk at you when you just stand there with your mouth wide open but no words coming out.  Knowing that if you hit a speech block, it’s going to look like you don’t know your own name and that you’ll appear like an imbecile.  Feeling rushed.  Excruciating flashbacks flooding your mind.  Remembering the laughter, the pointing, the staring.  The words jamming in your mind and refusing to come out…

And then, it happens.

Well, that does happen.   But there are fascinating tricks and techniques that I am experimenting with that are helping slowly but surely to where even my most dreaded thing to say effortlessly comes out.

Stuttering is an interesting thing.


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