The Worst Minister Who Ever Lived

Someone once approached me and was going on and on about this older minister and spent several minutes pointing out to me all the ways he’s better at this than I am.   I’m certain they weren’t trying to insult me.  I didn’t take any offense at least.

With a smile, I simply replied, “I agree!   You’re absolutely right.   I’m not on that kind of level just yet.   And I may never be.   The only thing I do know is to be me and to aspire to have a heart that resembles Jesus.”


Among the very few things I’ve figured out so far:

1.  This isn’t the Olympics.

It’s about pleasing and glorifying God.   How silly the thought – spending my lifetime debating and jockeying to determine which pile of dust is prettier than the other.   It seems far more fulfilling to keep my eyes on the Author and Perfector of the Faith.

2.  I’m a Work in Progress.

Everyone is.   It’s okay if I’m not as polished or as skilled in my 9th year as someone whose been at this since the Kennedy Administration.   He was once a young minister just like me and look how much he’s learned and how far he’s come! Never penalize or write yourself off because you aren’t as far along in your 7th chapter as someone else is whose in their 63rd.   As long as we live, we will always be that charred and broken vessel that the Potter molds and refines into something increasingly more beautiful.

3. No matter how much I learn, I will never be the greatest minister whose ever lived.

The fellow who preached The Sermon on the Mount and The Parable of The Prodigal Son is.

I could very well go down as the absolute worst minister who ever lived.  But as long as it was His beauty I was showcasing and even SOME of that beauty made its way into my soul, that will be just fine with me.

I’d wear it as a badge of honor: “I was the worst there ever was at it.  But I got to proclaim His greatness.”

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