the awe and gratitude of existing

It isn’t easy. And it’s not exempt of every type of struggle, setback and growing pain imaginable along the way.

But the happiness and joy to be alive that I’m waking up to every morning is so intense, it’s a disorienting happiness. It’s an ethereal awe and gratitude that I exist and that I get to do exactly what I was created and put on this planet to do, everyday.

This is better than playing professional basketball.

I’m not even talking about being the minister at the West Chester Church. That’s the icing on the cake.

I’m talking about being a Christian and being an apprentice of Christ. I and every one of His followers today across the world have the privilege of choosing what He wants and making it what we want today. We get to leave yesterday and all of our failures behind in the past and to learn and mature, even if it is at a snail’s pace.

And get this – we actually GET to love everyone in our sight today, just as He does, and to be walking, talking extensions of Him and conduits of His Spirit.


This world has seen enough self-righteousness and priggish Churchianity.

I just want to show them JESUS.

I want to be so infused with the Spirit that they walk away from me shaking their head and turning around in a stupefying daze; captivated, having just experienced that Jesus Christ really is the love of the world and that contrary to popular belief, He really is the rescuer of their soul.

Today might not be the day that happens.

But the longer we choose what He wants and He becomes all that we are living for, it’s going to.

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